Ignora (Ainara LeGardon & Ignacio Córdoba)


“Ignora” (Ainara LeGardon & Ignacio Córdoba)
Hybrid publication. This includes a physical book, with a limited print run of 250 copies, with a download code to the album, documentary and additional materials.
Ainara LeGardon: voice, guitar, tape echo, oscillators and other sounds.
Ignacio Córdoba: industrial oscillator and effects processors.
Sound pieces created and recorded by Ainara LeGardon and Ignacio Córdoba at Tabakalera Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea and Kaxilda (Donostia) in January 2019.
Mixed by Ignacio Córdoba (Copenhagen) between 2019 and 2021.
Mastered by David Elberling at The Village Studio (Copenhagen) in 2021.
AV pieces created by Hannot Mintegia.
Texts by Ainara LeGardon. Sigils by Ignacio Córdoba.
“The singer on the hill” by Michael Pisaro-Liu.
Art direction and design by Andrés Rosa.
“Ignora” was created thanks to a “Residency for the development of an artistic project in collaboration” offered by Tabakalera.
This publication was carried out with support from the Basque Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy.



Videoclip Noski:

Teaser Ignora:

Trailer Ignora documental: